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A corporate strategy – the be-all and end-all of any well led enterprise.

It shows the position the enterprise has in the market, which potentials of business are untouched und which market position is striven for in the future.

Depending on the position of the enterprise and his range of products in the hierarchy of the market, the current customers, the potential customers and the defined new customers are in the centre of the strategy. In addition to that the competitors and their strengths and weaknesses are known.
The product portfolio and the contribution margins have been prepared. Assessments of suppliers and technology are presented. The corporate strategy leaves enough freedom to derive sales strategies, development strategies and production strategies.
Ideally a corporate strategy has a time span of 5 years and is supplemented by annual strategy reviews. The annual budgeting and adjusting of the 3-year-budget reflects the corporate strategy.





The management by objectives determines what needs to be achieved. The corporate strategy shows how to achieve the objectives.